Ireland needs to change before it’s a fit home for 600,000 people with disabilities.

Right now an awful lot is wrong – DFI’s mission is simply to ensure that changes are made that would mean equality for people with disabilities.

We want an equal chance of:

  • Getting an education
  • Finding and keeping a job
  • Having a sufficient income and staying out of poverty
  • Choosing where to live and with who
  • Accessing buildings, shops, sports and arts facilities
  • Accessing transport
  • Accessing assistive technologies and healthcare that allow for the fullest lives possible

The change agenda demands that all organisations and groups play their part with us in affecting real change. DFI has 120 member organisations and strong links with many more. We have representatives on bodies from Kerry Rural Link Council to the European Disability Forum.

We have a huge challenge especially as we prepare to ratify and implement the United Nations Convention on the rights of Person with Disabilities, UN CRPD.