CESCA are delighted to be in a position again to offer the Grassroots Grant Scheme 2023-2024 with the help of the Cork HSE Social Inclusion Service. Our intention with this once-off small grant is to support initiatives that are working to collaborate within the community to promote and progress equality and social justice in Cork city.

Priority was given to applications that focused on climate justice and those seeking to address socio-economic deprivation. However, applications focused on social justice issues more broadly were also welcomed.

There were 6 successful recipients receiving a total of €5,000


  1. Polio Survivor’s Ireland

The aim of the project is to provide funding to 8 polio survivors in Cork to assist with rising heating costs. This will reduce the anxiety for their members who are already susceptible to the cold in the winter months and need increased heating as a result.

Please find more information here


2. Irish Baroque Orchestra

The Irish Baroque Orchestra (IBO) aims to deliver 4 Cushion Concerts on April 21st 2024 at the Marina Market, Cork aimed at children from socio-economically challenging backgrounds by building skills such as teamwork and singing.

Please find more information here


3.  The Toy Library App Engagement Program

The aim of the project is to create an App whereby toys can be shared throughout the community thereby preventing them being sent to landfill. It will also teach children the joy of sharing and tighten communities as well as having a positive environmental impact. The App aims to go live in November 2024.

Please find more information here


4. Sanctuary in Nature & Heritage

This project aims to connect those seeking refuge and asylum in Ireland with Irish landscapes for their wellbeing by funding a trip to UCC which incorporates its built heritage and green spaces. Events are focussed on improving participants’ wellbeing through interaction with others, establishing connections with local people, forming friendships and experiencing the multitudinous benefits of green and blue spaces.

Please find more information here 


5.  Community Connect Cork

This project aims to provide material support to pregnant mothers and families with children under 3 years of age in the Cork area, who are living in poverty. Families that are finished with baby equipment and clothing pass their items on to a family in genuine need. Community Connect Support can efficiently facilitate this, which also has a positive environmental impact by reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

Please find more information here


6.  Ireland in Arabic/Arab FM

The aim of this project is to make the transition for primarily Arab refugees and asylum seekers to Ireland easier by making information available to them in Arabic which eases the language barrier and aids in cultural understanding. It delivers essential information that assists these individuals in their daily lives, from navigating local systems to understanding their rights in a new country. It also gives a voice to this community in media and highlights their stories and challenges, bringing attention to their unique needs thereby fostering a sense of inclusion. This support network is essential for their mental and emotional well-being.

Please find more information here


We would like to congratulate the above 6 successful applicants and we look forward to hearing about their completed projects.