After an absence of over 3 years, CESCA was delighted to re launch their grassroots grants scheme in 2022, with huge thanks to the HSE Social Inclusion Services in Cork for supporting us with this initiative.

CESCA is keenly aware as an Alliance, of the importance of collaboration in achieving greater equality and inclusion. With the one-off small grant we aim to contribute towards and support initiatives that are working to bring communities together, to promote and progress equality and social justice in Cork City.

Priority was given to applications focused on climate justice and/or those seeking to address socio-economic deprivation. However, we welcomed applications broadly focused on social justice issues within the City also.

A total of €5,000 was distributed to 10 programs of work.


1.TEST SITE Project in collaboration with Cork Traveller Women’s Network Traveller Heritage Photo Archive  


The Cork Traveller Women’s Network (CTWN) will collaborate with TEST SITE project to further expand their Traveller Heritage photo archive. This collaboration aims to strengthen the CTWN community archive of historical Traveller heritage photographs from the Cork city area.


This collaborative project proposes two key pieces of programmed activity: 1) Strategic Development Event and 2) a Public Outreach Event

CTWN will act as the heritage lead on this project as it is the photo documentation of their community heritage that we will be hoping to expand. TEST SITE project will provide the public meeting place on Kyrl’s Quay alongside public engagement and planning support.

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2. Scoil Oilibhéir & STEAM Collaboration

Scoil Oilibhéir is a large co-educational primary school situated in Ballyvolane. STEAM Education was founded in Cork and have been in operation since 2014. Since then they have delivered programmes to over 200 schools and over 18,000 students all over the island of Ireland, enhancing the delivery of STEM and Arts subjects in Primary schools.

Scoil Oilibheir are collaborating with STEAM to provide resources, teaching packs and teacher CPD in the areas of Climate Action, Engineering and Science, Human Biology for 6th class teachers and pupils. The children will receive specific training and education in the area of Climate Action. The programme will be completed over 15 weeks. 5 weeks per module.

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3. Focus Ireland

The grant will be used for a fund to purchase basic household items for new tenants in the Cork region who were previously homeless.  Kenneth Baker of Focus Ireland said: “ When tenants move into a house of their own for the first time, they have very few items. Small things like a kettle, toaster, bed clothes, delft, cutlery, and towels, can help make a new house feel like a home.”

Focus Ireland provides housing and a unique range of wrap-around supports to help their customers maintain a tenancy. The grant will assist in purchasing these key items that new tenants need to help them settle in and turn a property into their home.

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4. Lantern Project and Meitheal Mara Boat Building Program    


The Lantern, Nano Nagle Place offers community education programmes and events for people who experience some level of vulnerability in their lives. Each course actively encourages participants to care for & reflect on what supports their wellbeing in a safe earning space.

As part of the Community Education Programme for Spring 2023 the Lantern plan to build a curragh at Meitheal Mara with a group of 12 people. The opportunity to take part in a purposeful, meaningful project with a very tangible outcome will be offered to both Lantern & Cork Migrant Centre’s participants. These two projects are part of the community outreach hub at Nano Nagle Place. Meitheal Mara has such a lovely ethos & it will allow both learning & relationships to gently grow.

Karina Healy from the Lantern Project said “We have seen in the past how this process brings people together, Male & Female, Non-English speakers & English speakers.”

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5. Good Day Cork & Cork Environmental Forum- story sharing event about bio-diversity.

Good Day Cork will carry out this programme together with Cork Environmental Forum. Good Day Cork & Cork Environmental Forum both have vast experience in organising activities for the public. They also have a vast experience in working with different minority communities to participate in activities.

This event will be for people from minority communities with their families or friends. Participants will complete the Mardyke trail. Participants will be given prompts to evoke conversations about bio-diversity. On completing the trail, participants will submit few sentences to describe their experience. They can share in their native tongue. These sentences will be shared as postcards on the Good Day Cork website and across social platforms.

This gathering is a platform to share one’s relationship with nature and to learn from each other. The group’s varied backgrounds will also open up the space to speak about climate change.

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6. Douglas Rochestown Educate Together National School & STEAM Climate Action in a Box Programme

The target group is the 5th class students at DRETNS, a primary school in Cork City.

DRETNS has a diverse range of pupils from a variety of social, cultural, religious and non-religious backgrounds. In line with the pillars of the Educate Together Ethos, all pupils are equally respected (equality based) and both boys and girls are encouraged to fulfil their full potential (co-educational).

The STEAM Climate-Action-in-a-Box programme is a 5-lesson solution-focused programme exploring climate change and action, including the science of causes and effects, engineering and tech solutions for sustainable energy, humans and nature, and more. Using arts, communication and active citizenship the programme engages the 30 children involved in understanding the part they can and do play and in contributing their ideas towards a greener future. Fun, hands-on, creative and participatory, the programme is designed to support and engage primary schools in positive Climate Action.

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7. Mahon FRC Community Biodiversity Programme

The project will focus on providing skills and knowledge on how to enhance biodiversity in the Mahon Area. This project will focus on Mahon FRC’s outdoor area and will develop into a Community Biodiversity Plan.

The project will empower groups within our local community to explore their local habitats, and learn how to classify them, assess their condition, and map them. This project will be carried out through workshops where participants will learn skills and gain knowledge on biodiversity in the local area. The area we will be focusing on is Mahon FRC’s outdoor area, which is a large natural space that has only recently come back into use after lockdown. This is a community space utilised by other community groups such as the Mahon Community Development Project, and therefore will engage other groups within the community.

This project will provide an opportunity for children and adults to learn about the wildlife in their area, get engaged, and take on an active role in the caring for their environment. This will also aim to raise biodiversity awareness within the Mahon area, through workshops and environmental art.

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8. Headway Ireland & Meitheal Mara Boat Building Program 

Headway Ireland ‘s Community Rehabilitation Programme aims to support clients with an acquired brain injury to maximize integration into their own communities through the reduction of barriers by establishing a safe, productive and energising space for people with brain injury living in Cork. They wish to provide additional support and inclusion opportunities to clients attending our Community Rehabilitation Programme through collaborating with Meitheal Mara on a boat building program which aims to maximize Independence, reduce Isolation and increase health and well being,

Quote from a past participant . “The reason I was pleased with this programme and really enjoyed going there… there was a great team effort & the staff are good at ensuring everyone has a meaningful task to do no matter what their ability. I was encouraged to challenge myself- to use a saw when I thought I would never be able to again because of my stroke.

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9. TASC – Ireland’s Think tank for Action on Social Change Financial Resilience Training for staff and community champions in Cork city

TASC has been engaged in financial resilience training for over two years to address socio-economic deprivation. The training goes beyond budgeting to developing skills in researching and understanding relevant policies and financial services in order to decrease costs and maximise income. Recognising the burden the rise in cost of living is causing for families and the scarce resources charities have to spend on external training, the proposed project will bring together representatives of local and frontline charities for an intensive session on how to incorporate the training material into their own services and a breakout session to talk about contextualizing the training for their particular services and beneficiaries. TASC is currently training staff at Safe Ireland in a similar project, though aimed specifically at helping victims of domestic violence.

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10. Cork Food Policy Council, Green Spaces for Health and Togher Community Garden. Cook Book for Children

This collaboration are putting together a fun cook book suitable for children to use at home with their parents. The grant will go towards publication of this booklet that will be distributed free of charge to primary schools in the area.

A free cookery course for children was hosted during the month of August 2022 at Togher Community Garden. Four separate outdoor cooking classes were designed and delivered to local children; it was a hands on participatory event led by a professional chef. The book will now consolidate this work based on the interest it generated and tie in with schools who have participated in various studies based on food, healthy eating, attitude to food, food security, eating local, etc.

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