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A New Way

of Working Together in Cork!

CESCA demonstrates a new way of working that will support and strengthen the social inclusion services being delivered in Cork city.


A number of community and voluntary organisations have come together, with the support of the HSE Social Inclusion Services Cork, to create a new initiative called the Cork Equal and Sustainable Communities Alliance (CESCA).  CESCA will work together to address issues of disadvantage in Cork city.


Building on previous successful collaborations, the 18 diverse organisations with a common goal of social inclusion and social justice, have come together to formalise how they will work together as a new alliance in Cork city.


This new and innovative way of doing business will harness and protect the vast experience and excellent work of these front-line organisations that are at the heart of social inclusion services in Cork city.


At the outset, CESCA has been successful in sourcing funding from the Cork and Kerry Community Healthcare Organisation. This funding will be used to support a series of small joint projects focused on integration of services for disadvantaged or vulnerable people and communities in the city and the development of a small community leadership training programme to provide additional support for the sector. Both of these areas of work will have a key focus on health & well-being and will take cognisance of the social determinants of health.




Member Organisations:

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